MK3 Goalie Box Set

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Take your street hockey game to the next level with the Mylec® MK3 Goalie Box Set. Equipped with adjustable leg pads, goalie catch glove, and a goalie blocker the Mylec® MK3 Goalie Box Set prepares you to dominate the crease.


  • MK3 Goalie Leg Pads
    • Flat-front design helps stack the pads better
    • Deep contoured leg channels for superior fit
    • Ultra-lightweight foam padding with breathable mesh covering for protection and comfort
  • MK3 Goalie Catch Glove
    • High-impact reinforced thumb
    • Reinforced cuff block
    • Pro-style glove ultra-soft comfort
    • Deep pocket helps scoop shots out of the air
  • MK3 Goalie Blocker
    • Ultra-soft for all day comfort
    • Ventilated glove to keep stick hand cool
    • Reinforced palm and finger protection
997 Produits